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Wyuka started the Memorial Day service at 8:30 A.M. May 26 on the bridge overlooking the pond.

Memorial Day is a day of remembrance for those who have died serving our country.

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Recognition Program

Nine Hundred Red, White and Blue balloons were released.


Symbolic Meaning & Significance

The dove is the universal symbol of peace, hope and freedom and, in this context, the release of funeral doves symbolises the release of the spirit of the departed who is finally at peace. The actual number of doves released is also significant and offers nuances of symbolic meaning and representation. For example:

  • a single white dove represents the peaceful release and onward journey of the spirit of the deceased;
  • a pair of doves symbolises the journey of the spirit of the person who has died accompanied by their spirit guide or guardian angel;
  • the release of three doves followed immediately by the release of a single dove signifies the Holy Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Ghost guiding the spirit of the departed on their journey to heaven;
  • ten doves released simultaneously offer a symbolic celebration of the life of a loved one and say a simple, fond farewell.

Doves provided by the Dove Barn




Thank you to the many volunteers to helped make this day possible.



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